Monday, September 2, 2013

The Shaffer Sisters LOVE Project Run and Play

Hi, Foster Rambling Readers. We are so pleased that we have been asked by one of our favorite bloggers/real life sewing buddy to talk about one of our favorite blogging subjects, Project Run and Play. 

Shaffer Sisters: Scary, Al, & Jo
Our blog really got going because of Project Run and Play. One day Al and I (Scary) were sitting around talking about all these cool boy sewing projects (Season 3) that I had found recently. "There is this blog called Project Run Play or something like that." It was the work of Jessica at Running with Scissors that really impressed me as she made coordinating outfits for her little boy and baby girl (at the time I was in my last trimester of pregnancy with Boston).

It wasn't till Season 5 that I started sewing along. It was a challenge but so enjoyable, in one season I was addicted. My sewing for Project Run and Play has become the staple and foundation for my children's wardrobes. My enthusiasm has been passed to my sisters.

On theme day we usually excitedly discuss ideas by the early morning (7 am). The real reason we all keep coming back to Project Run and Play sew along group is the positive energy and comradery in this community, all of us have sewn when we should have been moving because we love this group of ladies.

Here are our favorites that we have sewn and our favorites of each other.

Surely Stylish Scarlet

Tangerine Poppy

Pleated Shindig Chevron

Madame Principal Dress

Amelia Earhart Bomber Jacket

Waves of Summer Tunic
Cool Boy Shirt

Susanna Shap Inspired Dress

Concentric Circle Dress
Common Axis Top & Cap

Bold on a Budget Overalls
We are excited to see the upcoming designs from PR&P and  we know that our skills will only continue to improve because of the immense talent in this sweet sewing community. 

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  1. I remember Jessica's being awesome. I only started sewing along with season 6, and I've been addicted! That's how I started following both Maegen's and your blog.

  2. What a neat flashback!! Such great outfits....looking forward to seeing more awesomeness in season 7 :).

  3. I remember and adore all these outfits. It's so fun looking back. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with this season.

  4. Awwww, isn't it through PR&P that I met you ladies?? I mean, how cool is that? I love the highlights reel! You all have made such gorgeous pieces& i can't wait to see this seasons looks. <3



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