Saturday, December 15, 2012

I'm sure you've all seen the "wear pants to church" thing by now. Here are some thoughts from me connected to that topic. This will be a somewhat stream of consciousness post.

I would just like to say that I love wearing dresses to church.

Dresses are fun! Especially cute, bouncy sun dresses.

I do wish it was easier to find adorable dresses that were more modest, but it's not so hard to add a cardigan or a shirt under and still look fabulous.

Dresses are definitely my "best" as far as attire is concerned.

I don't even own a pair of slacks.

I would maybe like to find a nice trouser to wear for a business casual event.

But if I'm going to dress up to look nicer than business casual I'm going to wear a dress.

Besides, I already have dresses and I don't have slacks and if I'm going to go shopping for new clothes I really need some blouses.

And jeans.

Because I'm in-between jean sizes right now. So my choices are either muffin top (in old holy jeans that are left over from high school) or saggy butt/crotch (in my much newer post-pregnancy jeans). I usually go for the saggy butt look.

My jeans are too big because I lost 10 pounds! Yippee! And I've kept it off for about a month now. Only 15 more to go to hit my goal weight.

But back to dresses. I remember one time I put on one of my favorite dresses. It's a white sundress with yellow flowers on it and a yellow ribbon that ties around the middle. Anyway, I was wearing it when Nathan came home from work and he was really confused as to why I was wearing a dress.


Dresses make you feel pretty and girly.

Pants make you feel normal.

I'd rather feel gorgeous and fabulous!

And jean skirts have their place, but I've never found one I looked all that great in.

So anyway, I'm going to continue to wear dresses to church and whenever I feel like it.

And my daughters are going to wear dresses to church.
When I have daughters.
Because they will have adorable dresses and bows and they will look cute all the time.

Because girls are much more fun to dress up than boys.


Because dresses are fun!

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  1. Yes, your little Mack is adorable. :) And I'm with you. Dresses are fun to wear and it's nice to have a real change at least once a week.


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