Thursday, April 11, 2013

Same dress six ways

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  1. Love these! Great idea to do one dress pattern in different variations. My favorite is the muslin dress with cotton edging and blanket stitch!

  2. Oh thank goodness! When you posted the pic on instagram of all the dresses I was wondering how all those fabrics were going to layer into one dress. Haha. These are all so adorable. The details are sweet and it's so impressive that you got so many done.

  3. Very fun! way to pull off six! Great job Momma!
    with love,

  4. Your little guy is too cute! My favorite dress is the muslin and red gingham dress. :)

  5. Great details to make each dress unique!

  6. Great job :) I could make a peasant dress every day and never get tired of it. There is something about the shape that is so quintessentially little girl and you do a good job changing it up with the details.

  7. The gingham is my favorite! Adorable!


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