Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Confessions of a Non-Chef: Why I Cook

I've decided to start a series where I share recipes and tell you all about my cooking adventures. Not because I'm an amazing chef, but because I am really just sorta okay at cooking. And I'm fine with that. We can't all be amazing at everything, and I'm sure I'm not the only person out there who tries with all their heart to be that awesome mommy who can bake everything from scratch- and only sort of succeeds.

I found myself crying a few months back after I burned my 3rd attempt at chocolate chip cookies in as many nights. Why was I crying? Because I had somehow failed at making cookies from a tube. How do you fail at making cookies when all that is involved is:  separate, put on pan, put in oven, take out of oven and enjoy?
We later came to realize it wasn't my dismal cooking skills or even me being scatterbrained, but rather an oven problem. Once the oven problem was fixed, things got much better. But I came to a realization as I cried over those no-fail cookies.
 "I am never going to be a world-class chef and I am okay with that."
I don't really enjoy cooking. I'd much rather be doing something else. I often forget to add things in the right order, and I tend to just "eyeball" measurements. Most of the time even the yummiest things I make end up looking a little odd. But I cook for a greater purpose than just making food that tastes good and is super pretty. I cook to feed my family. I make all those breakfasts, lunches and dinners because I love my family and feeding them is a way I can serve them.
Now, before you think I'm being too hard on myself, I do want to let you know that there are a few things I make well. I make delicious brownies (and have been since 1998). I make rolls that look really funny and taste really good. My potato salad is nearly worth indenturing yourself to me; and my Tuna Casserole is legendary.  Everyone has their good days and bad days. The other day I made absolutely gorgeous bread and decided to try my hand at popovers and banana bread. Each one was a success! Then there are the, "I barely managed to make toast without burning it, you want me to make what for dinner?" days.
I plan to share plenty of successes, and probably just as many failures.
Are you ready for this?
Me in the kitchen around age 10

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