Friday, February 8, 2013

Something Sweet for Your Husband

My sister-in-law Angie and I saw this pin and decided we wanted to do something like that for our husbands. We came up with these as a sort of 12 days of Christmas. It was a ton of fun! The only downside was that Nathan didn't like quite a few of the types of candy, so if I do this for him again I'll try to find more that he does like. 
I'm posting this now because it would really be a great idea to do this for your husband for Valentine's Day.

You're a joy to have around: Almond Joy

To me you're worth three hundred grand: 3 snack size 100 Grand

Life would be unbearable without you: Gummy Bears

I'm stuck on you: Gum

Life's a circus, I'm sure glad we're in it together: Animal Crackers

You're one hot tamale: Hot Tamales

Let's make out: Hershey Kisses

I'm glad I skored you as a husband: Skor

I soda like you: Soda (we used Henry Weinhard's because it's the best)

I love you to pieces: Reese's Pieces

You make me snicker: Snickers

You ofishally have my heart: Swedish Fish
(this one was our favorite because of the great picture we found! It still cracks me up)

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  1. That is an awesome idea! I want to do something like this for Tim, just need to actually get to the store and get candy.


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