Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Back to School" for Littles Part 1

I don't have a kiddo getting ready for school this year. In fact, it will be two more years before we even do Pre-School.
But I find myself wanting to join in the fun! Don't we all love this time of year? New clothes for school, and that fantastic school supply smell. I know all those kids are just itching to use their brand new crayons. I always was. I was one of those kids who kept my school things as nice as possible for as long as I could. Which was something I'm sure my parents loved, because it meant  they didn't have to buy as many new things.
Mack isn't at the point where he needs a new wardrobe. He's still got lots of hand-me downs. But he will be getting a few new things from Project Run and Play, and other sewing/knitting/crocheting adventures. And his daddy bought him pack of McQueen socks!

While my parents were visiting a while ago Grandma gave Mack his very own box of brand new crayons. He doesn't need them, he's still got plenty of crayons in great condition (he's really only been coloring for a year), but as my mom said, "everyone deserves to get in on the fun of back to school."

And that is what got me thinking.
So I decided to make him a few "back to school" things to go in his little messenger bag.

First off is this cute notebook:
It's just modge podge and scrapbook paper from this stack.
The font I used for his name is Badonk-a-donk.

I let him color with his new crayons.

He wanted me to write his name down for him. He says, "M, C, K" as he scribbles in his notebook. He also really loves tracing his hands, which is something they seem to do a lot of in nursery.

Come back tomorrow for the next installment!

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