Monday, August 26, 2013

Perry the Platypus

I'm back!
I know I said you could expect me to be back September 1st, but I just couldn't keep away! To many fun things going on in blogland, and I'm just sitting relaxing on the sidelines. I am using Bloglovin' and it has helped me so much with keeping up with blogs! And I've started following even more blogs, oh it's a vicious circle.
But to start off with, I'd like to share a project that I got done over 6 months ago! And I know you all have seen this cute little guy pop up in my instagram feed (hint, hint!)
It's Perry the Platypus!
(because I know you were all in suspense after completely ignoring the title, right?)

Here is the link to the free pdf pattern for those of you who are just dying to make your own: Plushie Pet Platypus Free Pattern

And now the story behind the Platypus.

I am super picky about the TV shows I let Mackay watch. My rule of thumb is, "if I don't mind sitting down to watch it with him for a half an hour, than he can watch it." It doesn't have anything to do with the educational value of the program, just the annoyance factor. Thus, Mack watches shows like Arthur, Babar, Curious George and Phineas and Ferb. Some shows come and go. When mommy gets tired of watching Thomas and Friends it magically disappears from the DVR. Mack really started getting into Phineas and Ferb when he was pretty little. He loves the music. He actually really loves theme songs from a lot of shows (Psych and The Big Bang Theory are two of his favorites).

So I was on Ravelry, which is one of my favorite places to be (right after pinterest), and I started looking through all the adorable (and totally free!) amigurumi patterns there are. I immediately fell in love with that platypus pattern, and decided I would not allow myself to be daunted by the idea of amigurumi. And I'm soooooo glad I just went for it! Because seriously guys, it's easy! It's every bit as easy as making a beanie, as long as you have a good head on your shoulders for reading crochet patterns. Sometimes things seemed a little confusing, but I worked my way through it.

Just starting out. At this point I was still kind of skeptical that I would be able to make him.

Finished body! After this point I felt super confidant, and basically stopped taking pictures of the progress. 

Perry wasn't quite finished for Christmas, but I had him sewn up and gave him to Mack shortly after. All except for that one little foot. Perry hung around with only one foot for quite a while actually.

But I finally got around to finishing him!

*insert that weird Perry noise he makes*

Mack sure loves him.

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  1. That turned out adorable. For some reason I must have missed it on Instagram. I love amigurumi, but I forget that sometimes. I made a crab this summer that turned out really cute :)

    1. I'll have to go check your blog for that crab. I love amigirumi as well, but I usually take a long break after each little guy. I hate sewing the pieces together. It's so tedious!


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