Monday, June 3, 2013

Confession Time

I almost hate to admit it (though obviously I'm not embarrassed enough to not share), but I tried on some maternity clothes today. They don't fit. None of my clothes fit. My skinny pants are too tight to wear-- even with a belly band-- because of my thighs. My post-pregnancy pants are still too big and have major saggy butt problems. All my shirts are tight enough to show off my pregnant pooch. I didn't have this problem at 10 weeks last time. I've decided to just wear maternity pants if they're not too baggy in the belly, and other than that I wear my jeans that are too big.
Also, I've been having some cravings. Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers from Wendy's are my new best friends. I have been limiting myself, and have only had like 6 so far, which is pretty good if I do say so myself. I adore bacon. It is amazing. Even the cheap stuff. I also adore chocolate filled Oreos, Otter Pops, pickles, baked potatoes, barbecue type foods and fruit. One night I had a pickle followed immediately by chocolate Oreos. Nathan really thought that was disgusting. I thought it was pretty great I didn't want to eat them together.
I have been doing pretty good with the whole affair of keeping my food inside me. I've only lost the battle three times so far, and each day I feel a lot less queasy. I feel very sorry for Kiah (due Dec 15th!), who throws up daily. But being pregnant at the same time as your best friend is sure fun!
Also, two of my sisters-in-law are expecting. Jana is due Dec 18th, and Melissa is due Jan 25th. I'm super excited for Squirt to have cousins so close in age!
Sleeping enough has been hard. I haven't been doing a lot of crafting or cleaning, because I seem to use every spare second to nap. I'm hoping this ends soon, because I really need to do dishes!
I had my first dream about the baby last night, and dreamed it was a girl. Whether this is divine intuition or just wishful dreaming, she was sure cute! I've been teaching Mackay to say brother and sister, and he has sister down really well, but brother comes out more like brudder. I've been feeling more and more that this baby is a boy though, and I keep catching myself saying, "he" when talking about the baby. Boy or girl this baby is going to be loved and spoiled with handmade gifts. I've started on a quilt, but it's turning out to be a little more work than I had originally imagined. It's completely gender neutral, and goes perfectly with the nursery theme we've decided to use.
In other exciting news, I'm babysitting two cute little boys for a couple hours in the mornings. Mack and Ethan are the same age and they play really well together. It's quite a bit of fun, but Mack and I both crash after lunch.

And for your first glimpse at our name list:
If for some reason our baby comes out as a gangsta, we'll use Hollaback Atcha for a boy, and Congratulashayla for a girl. (inspiration from Psych and the Top 60 Ghetto Black Names)

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  1. My daughter says brudder for brother. It's cute how it comes out. Congratulaions!


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