Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm still alive!

Hello world! I am still here, and so glad to be back! With only 5 days of math homework left, and all my finals out of the way I'll finally have time to sew and blog and clean the house again. What a relief!
I have been pretty out of touch with blog-land the last week or two, especially since our laptop died for a few days until we could replace the cord and battery, and then a few days later our internet got turned off and we had a whole mess to sort out there! (Our new TV service is nice, but the billing is a headache!)
What you can expect from me in the near future:
I'll finally finish the clothes I started making Mack for Kids Clothes Week...
I'll be posting a skirt I'm making for myself on The Shaffer Sisters blog
I'll be sharing a tutorial on Project Run and Play
I'll share new fabrics as I get them :) Yay for mother's day presents
I'll be taking lots of pictures of my little boy. He'll be two in less than a month!
And in November, participating in Flip This Pattern over at Frances Suzanne.

Lots of stuff. I'm excited to get back to blogging. School can be stressful.

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