Wednesday, March 13, 2013

At Idaho Aquarium

Mackay and I were invited to go to the Idaho Aquarium with my sister-in-law Melissa and my nieces Grace and Fizzie. Here are Mack and Gracie as Triton and Ariel

Fizzie and Mack as Triton and Ariel. They just loved these! There were two different ones, and we had a hard time keeping them away.

Mackay tried to climb in a few times, much to my chagrin. He actually got his foot into the ray and shark petting tank before I caught him.

Gracie was having a blast trying to find the flounder hiding in the sand.

Diver Fizzie being squeezed by Ursula/Mackay.

Seconds after I took this Mack started screaming and ran away from the tank. I guess this big fish was just too close for comfort!

"gimme some fin!"

Grace feeding the fish bits of seaweed.

There were so many great exhibits. I would definitely go back!

This boat has been converted into a touch tank full of anemones and starfish. There's also an iguana that hangs out on the bow of the boat. Mack didn't really care for him.

I think Mack even recognized the "Dory" fish in this tank.

These two were wiped out after a busy day! 

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