Saturday, November 17, 2012

A morning in the life...

Yesterday I emailed Nathan pictures and little messages all morning. I had fun doing it. (ps. these are not all the pictures. I realized as I was uploading them that a few of them were not all that share-able :))
"Have fun at work. Don't look like this. I LOVE YOU!"

"I'm a blowfish!"

"Hey look, I fixed my hair all prettiful!"

"We have a clean baby"

"What a cute boy"

"sad... I burned my toast"

"Nailed it! Scraped off the burned part of the toast and put on Nutella. Now it's awesome. Plus, I took this picture with my elbow."

"Yup. Looks good." (about my makeup)

I took a picture of every piece of clothing before I put it on. Here are my stripey socks.


"Snack time"

"Having lunch without you."

"Playing horsey"

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