Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Baby Beanie Tutorial

Miss Fizzie at the hospital in the little beanie I made her.

This hat is why I love having the ability to look at a pattern and see the potential. I found a pattern for a child's hat on Ravelry that looked like it could really be a cute hat, but I didn't love the pictures.

I am in love with the pattern. It's easy and it looks great. However, I did make some changes.
Rather than do the girls' brim as it is in the instructions (which I personally found too frilly), I did this instead:
ch 1 (this counts as a sl st) *sc in next st, hdc in next st, dc in next st, tc in next st, dc in next st, hdc in next st, sc in next st, sl st in next st* repeat all the way around. 
sl st- slip stitch
sc- single crochet
hdc- half-double crochet
dc- double crochet
tc- treble crochet

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