Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Back to School" for Littles Part 2

Rexburg has this Back to School festival every year in Porter Park. Businesses set up booths with carnival games, there's free food and lots of activities. We didn't make it last year, but did this year and it was really a lot of fun. They had a lot of things we didn't do because Mack is just too small, like rock climbing walls, giant bowling, and a life-size Angry Birds game.

We ended up with a few free books:


Mack really enjoyed playing all the carnival games. There was a little obstacle course, a ring toss, a fishing pond, and so many other fun games!  Unfortunetely, I didn't get any pictures because I was helping him play. 
I did, however, get a few pictures (with our point and shoot) of Mack's favorite part of the event-- the train ride!

Does your community have any back to school activities?

Another thing we took part in recently was the Summer Reading Program at the library. We completed the whole thing for Mack, and most of the program for me as well (because the books I read to him counted towards my page total). We ended up with some cool prizes! I can't wait to participate again next year with two little men to read to.

More "Back to School" projects coming soon!

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