Saturday, November 17, 2012

Leggings! And from awesome socks no less!

Ok, I know Mack's not a girl, but these were so easy!

I bought these socks at the dollar store

You can also find these instructions a million other places.

Ok so here's how to make them. Cut your socks, hopefully that's pretty self-explanitory.

You don't need the toe and the heel peices for your leggings. Take your smaller foot piece and fold it in half.
That should leve you with a folded small piece, and then the long leg piece.

Here's a view of the small one folded. We'll call it a cuff I guess.

You'll want to put the cuff onto the raw (cut off) edge of your long leg piece.

And pin it in place.

Then all you've got to do is sew where you pinned.
If you want, or your socks are especially loose, you can put a band of elastic into the cuff before you sew it on. I didn't, and just ended up folding the cuff inside the legging anyway because Mack's legs were kind of short.

Voila! Leggings!

Make a ton!
(I made some using toe socks. Basically just cut off the toes and hem them.)

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