Thursday, August 16, 2012

Foster Family Reunion 2012

Heise Hot Springs.
We had a lot of fun. The guys went swimming/fishing and the girls had a baby shower. (sorry I don't have pictures of that. Karen got some cute things!) We had a little talent show, and just hung out.

ZOMBIE Dylan! (he contracted the disease from Carson)

Nathan was glad to have his hammock

Mac loves his cousin Fizzie

Maybe a little too much! 

Fizzie eating the flora

Angie's hair, done by Rachel

This tree was awesome! The kids played in it a ton

Rachel braided everyone's hair

Alaina, ever the fashionista, wearing plaid shorts and long-sleeves with polkadots.

Two sneaky boys in Grandma's treats 

Mack and Gracie cuddling

Mack sneaking a snack from Grandma's treat box

Rosie showing off her Obama cookie. Then she bit off his head.

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