Monday, March 4, 2013

Life According to Instagram {week 2}

After what felt like a century--but was actually three days-- we have internet again!
I'm absolutely thrilled!
Now I'll be able to get back to instagramming, and blogging, and most importantly (but least fun) homework.
And so, without further blathering, a few pics from last week's insta-aweseomeness.
Three strips done. Now as soon as I get everything unpacked I'll be able to decide which colors I want to use for the other three.

Nathan found a good use for the Twilight series.

Self haircut for Nathan. I trimmed his neck. I'm not super good at it, but luckily he trusts me.

We packed up and moved! (we have dozens of hangers! and the amazing thing is that almost all of them are in constant use)

We still have snow. 

Psych finally started airing the new season!

Mack discovered how much fun his old baby toys are.

We ate a lot of Chinese and fast food. 

Tony and Angie had us over for delicious White Chicken Chili made in their beautiful Lodge dutch oven.

Mack and Charlie had fun pushing each other around, and for once it wasn't the hurtful kind of pushing.

Mack had to be persuaded that Cars and Trucks would be a better read than The Poisonwood Bible.

I turned 23!

I got to have my yearly dose of Tuna Casserole. Nathan hates it, so I only get it on my birthday.

Lately Mack has been insisting on sitting on a stool.

Feeling pretty good! I finally lost all the baby weight!

My umbrella hooks arrived! 

We were pretty worn out by the end of the week.

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