Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christmastime was here... like a month ago

Here are some pictures of Mack helping decorate our tree. We didn't get a tree until about a week before Christmas, and if we'd waited two more days we could have saved $30. Oh well, it was the perfect size tree for our apartment, and Mack absolutely loved it. 
I borrowed a silhouette and some white vinyl from a friend and made snowflakes for our window. I love the way they turned out and they're still up. I don't plan to take them down until spring.

 We had a hard time getting Mack to leave the tree alone. He thought it was pretty, so he kept playing with the ornaments. All the fragile ones slowly made their way to the top portion of the tree, while only our teddy bear ornaments and a handful of broken candy canes stayed down at the bottom.
His wooden construction vehicles from Grandma Smith. He loves these!

This is a sheet set from his Grandma Great.

He kept showing Nathan his muscles. He's absolutely hilarious!

Puzzle set. He's still too little for these, but once he starts learning to read they are going to be awesome.

Mack loves this book. It's a little book about construction workers. It's by the same person who wrote the little dinosaur book he has, Byron Barton.

We didn't take a whole lot of pictures, but we spent the rest of the day over with Tony and Angie, and forgot to bring our camera. Dinner was scrumptious. 
I got tickets to go see "Lame is"

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