Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I don't know about you, but I tend to write up blog posts that just sit and sit for ages.
I think I have around 35 for this blog.
And some of them are really old. And I'm probably never going to post them. And I should really just get rid of them.
But then the "what if" thought comes.
I'm never going to delete those drafts, because I'm a "keeper."
Some people would say "pack rat."
And I think I can live with that.
I got an award for it in 5th grade.
I know you're all wondering...
I still have the award.

Back to drafts.
Do you have things you've written and haven't posted? Either because you decided halfway through that the idea wasn't worth posting after all, or because you're too scared to share what you're thinking?

And for those of you wondering...
Yes, this post did sit as a draft for a while.

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  1. Ha, too funny. My drafts are usually words that need pictures taken so I can post. there needs to be more hours in the day :) or more daylight at least.


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