Friday, January 17, 2014

4 years ago

Four years ago a cute boy handed me a note during church...

"Dear Maegen,
So you know that i really like you. and we've talked about this train officially being on the tracks. so i'm just gonna be brutaly honest. nothing would make me happier right now. :)
lol... check yes or no
(little boxes under the yes and no)
Your almost boyfriend,

OK, so to explain it a little. The "dear Maegen" really needs no explication, and neither does the, "so you know that I really like you." The train he mentioned comes from when my dad asked me who was driving the crazy train, and Nathan and I talked about it and decided we're driving it together. The brutally honest bit was basically the theme of our relationship because we had both just come out of disappointing relationships and neither of us was interested in playing games. We still try to be "brutally honest" about everything we are feeling. The check yes or no comes from the George Strait song, which we both like. The almost boyfriend is from me calling him that after stealing his ring.

I could never have imagined where my life would go after I checked yes.

And I really couldn't be happier.

Unless Baden wanted to start sleeping through the night...

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