Wednesday, November 20, 2013

24 things you didn't know about me

Have you seen the status game floating around facebook? You read someone's list of facts and like it and then they give you a number and you post that many facts about yourself as your status. Well I liked Kiah's status and being the wonderful friend she is *cough* she gave me the number 24.

So I figured I'd share here too.

24 things you may or may not have known about me:

1) I have a scar on my bottom lip from hitting my face on a couch as a toddler.
2) I talk in my sleep.
3) I didn't have a middle name until after I got married,
4) If my parents had given me a middle name it would have been Nicole.
5) I got a "pack rat" award in 5th grade. (I still have it)
6) I severely burned my left hand on a wood-burning stove while I was learning to walk. I don't have scars or less function from that hand.
7) My biggest pet peeve is people chewing with their mouth open.
8) I wrote an A paper comparing caste systems in Jane Eyre and Brave New World my senior year of high school. I have never read Jane Eyre (thank you cliff notes).
9) I've never been skiing or snowboarding.
10) I made the first move in my relationship with Nathan.
11) Kiah and I used pseudonyms to write each other notes in high school. Mine was Caroline Mae Fligidavatchkavitch.
12) November 17 is always a good day for me.
13) I have a ton of nicknames. Maedel, Mae, Meggers, and cheese head to name a few. Nathan calls me Maegen.
14) I choose to eat tuna casserole for my birthday dinner every year.
15) If we had gotten married on the day we wanted to originally, Mack would have been born on our anniversary.
16) Even after having a dream about Mack being named Mackay, I still really wanted to name him Owen. When they put him in my arms I knew he was Mackay.
17) Nathan proposed on stage at the Nampa Civic Center by singing "I want to grow old with you" from The Wedding Singer.
18) Nathan and I first held hands while watching The Court Jester. I haven't been able to get him to watch it again.
19) Baby #2 is due Christmas Eve. And even though I swore I wouldn't ever do this, we already know what we are going to name him.
20) I'm a huge name nerd. I know the meanings/origins of quite a few names.
21) I still have the rags of what used to be my baby blanket. You can't even tell that it had kittens on it.
22) I got baptized on my 8th birthday.
23) I went to 3 different high schools.
24) I can't dance.  

Hope you enjoyed the list!

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  1. It was really fun to read, you should give us a number too, so we could play along in our blogs.

    1. Your number is 16! I hope you have as much fun as I did.


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